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As students journal, ReflEQ documents their growth in six important meta-skills. Engage students at the heart of their learning. Catalyze insight, identity, and empathy.

The REFLEQ Methodology
Deploy executive function to pursue and attain goals.

Self-directed learning: Set realistic personal goals, plan, self-monitor, shift direction incrementally, redirect path...

Be open to continuous learning and improvement.

Self-efficacy and motivation: Take intellectual risks, self-motivate, persist, embrace tough challenges with resilience, seek help actively, ask questions...

Engage in interpersonal learning with emotional intelligence.

Collaboration and teamwork: Be compassionate and empathetic, contribute, collaborate, listen...

Think about something
in a new way.

Flexible and empathetic thinking: Playfully explore ideas, investigate multiple viewpoints, experiment with alternatives, re-examine data and assumptions...

Reason strategically.

Cognitive processing: Build knowledge, comprehend, evaluate, observe, analyze, synthesize, generalize, predict, critique, judge, test, compare, classify, rank...

Apply knowledge to new situations.

Transfer and deep learning: Apply classroom learning to real-world trends, re-contextualize information, use prior knowledge for new tasks or purposes...

Ask the questions that matter

Our experts craft open, metacognitive questions grounded in deep research and across the disciplines. Drag, drop, and assign at your own pace. Complement any learning process with a layer of reflection.

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  • What do I think my teacher wants me to learn by doing this project

  • What feels new for me about this assignment? How might it shift my thinking or writing process?


  • I'm supposed to learn how to locate information and cite sources accurately. It’s less about the science of drosophila fruit flies as a model system.

  • I think Ms. K wants us to learn more about fruit flies because this is what we’ve studied for the past month in our labs.

  • The idea is to practice finding and use peer-reviewed scientific papers from credible sources.

  • We're supposed to learn more about evolutionary biology using fruit flies as a model.

  • I'm not really sure whether Ms. K wants us to focus on information needs or on drawings from our lab notebooks and ideas about evolution. This is puzzling me now that I consider it.

  • It's hard to shift writing habits I've grown accustomed to. I’m used to giving a quote first and then analyzing it. This time, we were supposed to analyze texts through literary devices and connect to thematic elements.

  • What felt new for me was the depth of analysis. For the last two years, I've never truly considered evidence from multiple viewpoints. What I often did was mention a quote, its significance, and move on.

  • I only used five pieces of evidence, which seemed meager to me at first but in the end, I explored them to such a degree that I had a full paper! This definitely makes my writing richer.

  • This was the first assignment where I felt like I did a successful close reading. I’ve never analyzed specific words and phrases for double meanings before, or matched form and content in such a deliberate way

  • I need to find a way to diverge from summary and make it clear to myself that my audience has read the work and doesn’t need plot refreshers. This assignment shifted me into a new mindset of examining techniques used to convey content.

Reflection goes formative

The REFLEQ Dashboard collects a student's reflective work across classes and over time. Students can assess personal progress, showcase competencies, and document college-level thinking.

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