About us

At REFLEQ, we help you embed reflection in the teaching and learning
moment, where it’s most effective and meaningful.

Our mission

We founded REFLEQ to make a fundamental paradigm shift in the use of reflection - as an integral component of quality teaching and learning.

Our team of experts and advisors

We are a multi-disciplinary team of professionals making impact on educational best practices. Without exception, we each hold years of direct teaching experience in K12 and university settings.

Our values

  • Empowering tomorrow’s thinkers

    Self-reflective, independent learning is essential for school, and life. Perhaps there’s no more important lesson we can teach.

  • Protecting student privacy and work

    We’re committed to online privacy. No advertising or hidden tracking of data. Students own their intellectual property. Any sharing beyond the instructor is by personal choice.

  • Hearing every student’s voice

    We’re dedicated to equal access. Get a lens on each student (even the quietest ones). Overcome obstacles to understanding and inform your teaching.

  • Bringing SEL and mindset to life

    These critical competencies should not be taught as separate “subjects.” They become relevant and meaningful when instructors across the disciplines can apply them to learning in context.

  • Supporting quality education

    No technology will “solve” education, meet all needs, or provide all data. We aspire only to support - with a team of responsive, knowledgeable experts and a simple, delightful interface.

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