Cultivate student reflection
alongside mastery of skills

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Easily add a layer of guided reflection to anything you teach. Connect students personally to their own learning. Naturally reduce “autopilot” mentality towards deliverables and grades. Understand the story from each learner’s point of view.

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REFLEQ is the integrated resource for reflection across the disciplines. Our experts supply you with quality prompts grounded in the latest research, and personalized instructional coaching. Flexibly support grades 5-12 and diverse project types.

Informed teaching.
Authentic assessment.

Whether you're a science teacher, librarian, advisor, or instructional team, get evidence of the important meta-skills you teach every day. Competencies like mindset, self-awareness and flexible thinking become meaningful when embedded in the learning moment.

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Create a culture of guided reflection

Boost independent, self-directed learning

Students chronicle their emerging understanding, think about next steps, identify uncertainties, chart breakthroughs, consider different perspectives, and take action to optimize their own learning.

Develop reflective portfolios

Students can share journals via export or weblink, to showcase personal improvement and provide a rich context for conferencing, self-evaluation, and college preparedness.

Practice higher-order thinking

REFLEQ’s metacognitive questions are open, non-loaded, and designed to draw out a student’s own personal connections to learning.

New insight is just a question away.

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