Reflective journaling for the
undergraduate experience

First-Year Experience|Academic Coursework|Thesis Advisory

Set your students on the path to academic success

A reflective journal that flexibly fits any course or assignment. As students navigate college, they encounter steep learning curves. Boost self-reflective, independent thinking. Get deeper understanding of individual needs.

Whatever you teach, our experts have you covered

REFLEQ is the integrated resource for reflection across the disciplines. Our experts craft quality metacognitive questions grounded in the latest research. Browse and easily assign prompts alongside instruction.

  • Historical Thinking
  • Literary Analysis
  • Written Expression
  • Scientific Reasoning
  • Data Analysis
  • Deliberative Discussion
  • Civic Engagement
  • Communication
  • Portfolio Review

Informed teaching Deep insight

  • Share a view with a colleague for instructional collaboration.
  • Get meaningful insight and shape support for a responsive learning experience.
  • Rely on a quality pedagogical method to develop important competencies.
  • Validate program, departmental and institutional goals.
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Student reflection portfolios

Capture the thinking process

Students chronicle their emerging understanding, think about next steps, identify uncertainties, chart breakthroughs, consider different perspectives, and take action to optimize their own learning.

Develop essential meta-skills

REFLEQ metacognitive questions are designed to strengthen competencies like flexible thinking and transfer learning.

Build insight across courses and over time

From the dashboard, students can access their journals across the college experience, providing a rich context for self-assessment. Students can examine patterns in thinking and document evidence of important competencies.

New insight is just a question away.

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